Suzy Octo


Ocean Ave., Idapimp.


Experienced octopus that can clean like no other!


  • good at cleaning
  • many long arms
  • can work fast
  • can clean about anything

Professional Experience

  • Worked for school; janitor
  • cleaned swimming pools
  • Worked for fisherman


  • Bachelor’s Degree in cleaning
  • University of Oceans









Short Story! (:

Hi my name is Shailene and I love observing our planet! First, I’m gonna start out with the moon. It has different phases and those are, in order, new moon, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, waning gibbous,  last quarter, waning crescent, and back to new moon. The moon goes through these phases about every 29.5 days. Did you know that during a new moon, we can not see any part of the moon?! It’s because the lit side is facing away from us. I learned that the moon does not actually produce its own light, it shines because its surface reflects light from the sun. Also that half the moon is always lit and the other half is always unlit. Now, tides! The changing positions of the moon relative to Earth and the sun also cause tides on Earth. A tide is the regular fall and rise of the surface of Earth’s oceans. High tide is when the water is at its highest point, low tide is lowest point! Ah, my favorite! Our galaxy!:)  There are a bunch of different things in our galaxy; stars, other planets, and stuff like that. Did you know that a star is not shaped like the star that we draw? A star is actually a sphere of hot, glowing gases( mostly hydrogen) that gives off its own light and is held together by gravity, and our sun is the biggest star out there. There is this weird thing called solar flares where there are sudden explosions on the sun’s surface. They can appear and disappear over minutes, days, weeks, or months! The temperatures of stars are weird, you would think the redder it is, the hotter right? Well, that’s wrong. The bluer the star, the hotter! Stars actually have life times! A nebula is the birth of a star and a super nova is the death of one. Well… I’ve had fun telling you about our planet but it’s time for me to go to bed, goodnight!(:

My Life Lesson

One time my family and I went to Colorado. We had three four-wheelers, and we were riding to this really big mountain. It was my dad, brother, and I on one, my step mom and step brother on another, then my grandparents on the last one.    

            Have you ever been four-wheeler riding in a basket on the very back??  Well don’t, because you could possibly fly off. My dad was driving, and he was trying to talk to my step mom, so basically he was not paying attention to where he was going. He was going about 10 mph and hit a huge rock. I went flying out of the basket and I almost went over my brothers’ head, then landed on the ground and started crying.

            So if you ever go riding make sure the driver knows what they are doing!!

The Wonderful Gift

I would hate to lose my sense of sight! If I lost my sight I would not be able to see the wonderful things around me. I love waking up in the morning and seeing all the beautiful things in my life. I could not live my life the same.

If I lost my sense of sight I would not be able to go shopping or, when I get old enough, get to drive. I would have to learn how to read Braille, which seems really hard!! People would have to guide me places and I would trip over everything. I could not wake up in the morning and see the beauty of life.

I am so happy I have the sense of sight, and everything else. I’m glad God gave me all of these things! I feel very sorry for the people who don’t have them. My life would be totally different if I lost my sight.

The Wedding

She has a beautiful dress, it’s white with diamonds.

He has a white shirt with blue jeans.


 As we start the wedding,

They both get nervous.


I see people all around me,

I hear the preacher talking,

I smell the babies’ dirty diaper,


It is all over, and it was beautiful.

I will never forget it.


By: Amber Jordan

The Escape

In 1941 the Holocaust started,and Jews had to be very careful of what they did. The soldiers were everywhere, and sometimes they would show up to Jews houses and search them. In the book “Number The Stars”, these people ,the Rosen’s are Jews,and their daughter, Ellen, is best friends with Annemarie.

One day they were racing down the street and a soldier stopped them asking alot of questions. A few nights later the soldiers came to the Rosens house, but luckily they weren’t there. Ellen was spending the night with Annemarie, Ellen’s parents are with Peter, somebody the Johansons know. A few days later Annemarie, Mrs Johanson, and Ellen traveled to Mrs Johanson’s brother, Henricks house.They say a Great-Aunt Birte has died.

Alot of people came to the funeral at Henrick’s house. All the people were Jews escaping to Sweden.The day they left on the boats, Henrick forgot something. So Annemarie had to run through the woods and to the dock to give it to him.

On the way there she was stopped by four soldiers,and two dogs.They searched the basket which had the stuff that was Henrick’s, in it. She was scared to death that they would find whatever it was that was Henrick’s, but they did. Finally they let her go, and she got it to Henrick.

The war was finally over and everybody got to go back home, and when they did, they danced in the streets like there was no tomorrow.

My Computer

For Christmas my brother and I both got a Toshiba laptop from our mom. They are really cool,I use mine all the time. It makes me mad sometimes because it doesnt work right.I can do a lot of cool things on it.The one thing I like about it is, its MINE!!!!! My dad almost broke my brothers computer, he dropped it and it didnt work so he had to turn it off and back on, then it worked.